The Nottage, Wivenhoe

The Nottage is an inspiring place in which to write. It is a local maritime museum located on Wivenhoe Quay, with a fine collection of paintings, photographs and models, all with local connections.

Our classes take place in the library at the back of The Nottage. This book-lined historic classroom is the ideal place to let ideas flow.

There are also wonderful views over the Colne...

... and a chance to see hand-crafted boats. All great inspiration.

The Nottage is on the river front in Wivenhoe. The best place to park is the KGV carpark (CO7 9AZ), just opposite 'The Greyhound' pub. From there, it is a short stroll down to the Nottage. If you have mobility issues, there is one car parking space in front of the Nottage itself, and there is a stair lift to the library. The address of the Nottage is: 


The Nottage Maritime Institute
The Quay

The Red Lion, Manningtree

The Red Lion is Manningtree’s oldest pub dating back to 1605. The pub is rich in stories. The inn is mentioned in a book of 1647 written by Matthew Hopkins on the scourge of witchcraft.  One of the local women, Elizabeth Clarke, was taken screaming and shouting from The Red Lion. Hopkins described her as a drunken sot, although her only apparent crime was that she was in possession of a cat, a polecat, a rabbit and a crow.

The Red Lion is only a short stroll away from the river...

There is always plenty of parking on the street around the pub. The Pump Room, where our class takes place, is on the ground floor with a small step to outside. If you think you might have any issues with access, please let us know.


The address of The Red Lion is: 


42 South Street,


CO11 1BG