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Short Story Writing Course

Coming very soon!

Short stories are all the rage right now and we love them: how they embody a glance from the side; the way they say so much in so few words. But how do you craft them? How do you make one so good it will win a prize? Don't worry - we're here to slay any doubts you have about your ability. We're here to help you write your best stories. 


Studying well-loved stories, as well as ground-breaking modern fiction, we will discover what makes a good short story and give you the skills and confidence to write your own. Our classes are small and friendly  and there will be plenty of opportunity for experimentation, writing, listening and feedback. 

This is an eight week online course starting at 10.30 am on 18th June and finishing on 6th August. It costs £15 per class but you only pay for the classes you come to. 

To join, please contact Petra as soon as possible.

£10 Kickstarters!

Prize winning author Kate Worsley is offering one-off one-to-one creative writing sessions.

These last 20-minutes and cost only £10!

You can be any age and any ability. 

We can contact you via Zoom, Skype, email or telephone (whatever works best for you).

To book, please contact Kate. She will then book a time and a method of communication with you, as well as give you details of how to pay.

Coming soon...

Q & A with an author

These will be free events on Zoom in which students and friends of The Writers Company will share their experience of writing and publishing. 

We can offer Writing for Health and Well-being; Novel Writing; Short Stories; Poetry; Oulipo, Surrealism, and Nature Writing (to name a few). One of the few advantages of now being confined to the internet is we can now bring together people from all across the world, so don't be afraid to ask for a course which suits you. To sign up to our newsletter, please go to our home page, scroll down to the bottom and leave your email. Thank you!

Future Courses

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