Sometimes you feel like you need a bit of extra help with your writing - someone to listen exclusively to you and help you overcome any obstacles. Keep on reading to see which service will suit you...

N.B. Petra is now fully booked and is not taking on any more private clients. Kate still has a few slots left but early booking is highly recommended.

£10 Kickstarters

The Writers’ Company Kickstarter is a 20min Zoom/Skype/phone session, at a time convenient to you. The aim being to kickstart your writing practice and/or project. 


It works like an intensive mini-coaching session. You tell Kate what what’s going on with you and your writing. She feeds back with ideas for what might help you progress. At the end of the session you pay the £10 (BACS transfer is usually easiest). And you take it from there.

Sometimes a single or occasional session is all you need to fire up your writing. If you find you’re a good fit, however, Kate can provide ongoing support for your writing. For instance, some people ask for a limited number of 45-minute sessions to help crack a particular issue, others find a weekly 30-minute check in, with feedback on work they produce, keeps them on track and making real progress.

If that sounds like it might help you, contact Kate


‘Mentoring isn’t editing. It isn’t manuscript appraisal. It isn’t one writer passing judgement on another. It isn’t networking. It isn’t a ticket to commercial success. It isn’t trying to write like someone else. It isn’t befriending. These elements, and others, may shade the process, but are not the aim of the process.’ (Mentoring, a Guide for Creative Writers, Sara Maitland and Martin Goodman, 2007)

Perhaps you are starting a project and looking for ways to develop your craft? Already working on a manuscript but needing advice on a particular issue? Or seeking feedback on a finished piece of work and wondering about next steps?

Mentoring consists of an hour-long, one-to-one session, focused on how best to help you.

Unlike a creative-writing class, mentoring takes place one-on-one and is an opportunity to receive in-depth advice on taking your work forward. Mentoring also goes beyond a one-off manuscript assessment: rather than receiving a verdict on a finished product, you can share your writing as well as explore and develop new ways of working over a period of time. Mentoring works best as a sustained relationship so that your mentor can support you through the writing and rewriting process and offer feedback and advice as you progress. 

Your mentor will read an extract of your work in advance (up to 5,000 words emailed no later than a week in advance). We also recommend including one short paragraph about the aims of your project, and anything in particular you’d like support with.

Our Mentors

Mentoring with Kate Worsley

* internationally published award-winning novelist 
* mentor, assessor and personal tutor on the City University Creative Writing MA 
* mentor for the National Centre for Writing Escalator and Writer’s Toolkit programmes

One-off consultation: an hour-long, one-to-one discussion at which you will discuss your written submission (up to 5,000 words), as well as where you are in the writing process and where you want to be. £200

I also offer on-going mentoring sessions arranged flexibly around your own life, but generally spread at monthly intervals over a period of six to nine months, to help you achieve your writing goals. All sessions are one-to-one and face-to-face, by Zoom or Skype. At each session we will discuss up to 10,000w of your work in progress, which can include a synopsis and covering letter, helping you hone and develop your writing skills in relation to your specific work. £230

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