Best Graph for Plotting your Novel

I like a good Plot Graph. I love the way they can make everything seem so simple. As I sit with one in front of me, I think that, although my novel is now a boiling over-ripe mess, if I follow the steps I will create a perfectly formed story.

Whether or not this is true has yet to be discovered. I am still in the process of slashing and burning. But something about the process feels right. Once I start following the structure, I can see where the holes are. I can see when a crisis is too early, or too late.

But which is the best graph to use?

I have followed Aristotle's little breast of a story structure, known as Freytag's Pyramid (after Gustav Freytag, German novelist and playwright)

I have climbed up McKee's story structure:

And entered the 'Inner Cave' with Campbell and Vogler

They have many similarities, but using three story structures at a time is unwieldy. It also adds a layer of complication to a process which is supposed to be about simplification.

But I have now found the answer!

I do not know Ingrid Sundberg but I would like to extend a massive thank you to her. She has taken the time to put all the best plotting books into one easily understandable graph. (To go to the source of this graph, please click here).

It details each step, gives you the names of the books the ideas come from, and even has minutes on it (which can be translated into page numbers).

This graph is a marvel. Truly useful. With it, I shall slash and burn, grow and tend.

Graph of an archplot structure

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