Creative Writing Top Tips

On my last day with the Creative Lives Writing Group, I asked them what their top tips would be for any writers wanting to start their journey. Here's what they came up with in no particular order:

1) Write everyday and block it in a calendar.

2) Find a text buddy to hold each other accountable.

3) Have an objective and a deadline.

4) Search for stimuli everywhere. Draw on experience.

5) Find a peer group to give constructive criticism.

6) Read books.

7) Explore meaning through your writing.

8) Find a writing environment that's right for you.

9) Once you are writing you're there. Make sure you start writing to get there.

10) Move pain onto paper. Be brave. Pain will move through you.

11) Carry a notebook

12) The process is as important as the end product. So write!

13) Believe in yourself!

If you would like to meet these amazing people and hear their words of wisdom for yourself by joining a class, go to Inside Out's website.

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