Juliet Lockhart's New Exhibition!

Updated: May 4

Our Artist in Residence, Juliet Lockhart, has a brand new exhibition taking place soon. This exciting collaboration with Suffolk Record Office weaves together stories, history and art.

Take Thick with the Light’ – stitching together the Stopher story – Suffolk and World War 1

This exhibition is about the lives of an ordinary Suffolk family and their experiences during the First World War. It examines the connection between heritage, art and wellbeing through a series of letters sent to and from the Front, written by two brothers, George and Albert Stopher and their family and sweethearts.

The story is told mainly through a series of stitched artworks; stitching aspects of their lives, their portraits, the landscape around the village where they lived and the words they wrote about their experiences during World War 1. Art allows us to examine what it means to be human and to bring ideas and people together. Objects and their stories resonate with our own helping us to feel more connected to our community and its history.

To book a place on a guided tour, please go here.

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